Intelligent universe with dynamic energy

Intelligent universe with dynamic energy
It is rare to see Monte Sarmiento in storm-swept Tierra del Fuego in the sunshine, as I was lucky enough to photograph it. Due to massive precipitation, it is completely iced over and its glacier masses move downwards with force in the pull of gravity. What is gravity?

An energy-driven arrow of time that loses information on its way and traces an irreversible nature has profound consequences for an understanding of nature. The play between wave and particle in quantum physics is currently understood as a neutral coexistence. In an irreversible world, however, particle and wave are two states of different entropy between which they alternate. Information (about matter) must be provided in order to transform the propagated, information-poorer wave back into the particle.

It is precisely this information, which has so far been missing in quantum physics, that turns out to be the key to a vivid understanding of quantum physics (Ref. 441). Moreover, this information about matter located around matter has all the properties attributed to gravity.

Gravity does not mean a curved empty space, but is information that makes satellites, for example, follow the principle of least action and thus their orbit, as if by remote control. It is also gravity that causes the glacier masses of Monte Sarmiento to flow into the depths.

Since particles, including their property of speed, are always produced again via information from the wave, the speed of light also remains constant in all moving systems. The general theory of relativity, which imposes exactly this property and also gravity on empty space, and which in addition has only built the technical scale of time, clock time, into its theory, is now no longer needed. Clock-time can say nothing about how energy systems actually develop. How do they behave? Self-organised systems like life follow a predefined goal: maximum entropy (energy) turnover within the constraints of the system and control by the genetic code.

This goal is the cause of the vitality of life and the reason why more and more order, symbiotic behaviour and thus perfection have built up over time. Information has an energy content and can organise itself. The resulting higher hierarchy of information processing turns out to be consciousness and spirit. In the universe, which is already characterised by information in the form of gravity, these abilities will increase. Development of spirit is the goal of evolution (Books Time arrow as trace of energy. Logical key to a spiritual universe / Zeitpfeil als Spur der Energie. Logischer Schlüssel zu einem geistreichen Universum)