Philosophy of Science

During a stay as Sir Raman Visiting Professor at the University of Madras, I experienced the profound philosophical heritage of India. It is a gift to reflect on the mysteries of our existence with the experience of a natural scientist. Relevant answers to the riddle of time were revealed to me.

Energy drives the world and time

This photo of a flying ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus) shows the dynamic properties of an object, [...]

Passive and dynamic time

Passive and dynamic time In today’s worldview of physics, time is a homogeneous trajectory that [...]

Consciousness as self-organisation of information

The picture shows the fractal surface of a tree fungus: Nature realises the self-organisation of [...]

Evolution: Competition for increasing energy consumption

My picture shows Mount Everest from the Tibetan side as I saw it. It looks [...]

Natural science needs the time of philosophy

In 1972, I travelled overland from Santiago de Chile for a project in a copper [...]

Time is not an illusion

The albatross is in no hurry. Without flapping its wings, its dynamic gliding flight in [...]

Nature shapes time-oriented

Nature shapes time-oriented Chilean Araucaria have an evolutionary history of over 200 million years and [...]

Intelligent universe with dynamic energy

Intelligent universe with dynamic energy It is rare to see Monte Sarmiento in storm-swept Tierra [...]

What is energy, what is nature and what is the universe?

What is energy, what is nature and what is the universe? Time-neutral physics cannot currently [...]

Time is driven by energy turnover

Time is driven by energy turnover I defined energy with a tendency to decrease its [...]

Does quantum science really have to be irrational?

Another argument equally suggests, that the understanding of energy is a key problem of quantum [...]