Time arrow as trace of energy

Time arrow as trace of energy
Logical key to a spiritual universe

Tributsch H.
Buchschmiede Vienna, 2019, 412 pages, English

This book shows how a long overdue correction in the current understanding of energy brings about a major change in the world view. It leads from a time-neutral to a dynamically oriented nature dominated by an energy-driven time arrow. This concept eliminates the irrationalities and paradoxes of physics. It also coherently explains the interaction of quantum physics and cosmology via gravity in the form of information.
Evolution is by no means just coincidence. It drives its systems to more and more energy conversion, but pursues a fascinating goal: the development of mind – self-organized information – in a universe controlled by information. Nature as a whole can be explained as the self-realization of energy over time. The time of the time arrow is not an illusion, but a change caused by energy turnover and loss of information about the past.

  • Popular scientific book on a theory which declares the world not as time-neutral but as oriented, which has already been published in 5 scientific papers.
  • Physics and the universe can – after 100 years – finally be understood logically through a paradigm change (energy drives time).
  • Time, which is no longer an illusion, paves the way out of the crisis of physics.
  • Answer to the unsolved mystery of gravity: It turns out to be information that controls the quanta and a much more intelligent universe.

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