Time is not an illusion

The albatross is in no hurry. Without flapping its wings, its dynamic gliding flight in the wind gradient above the waves of the Antarctic sea nevertheless takes it around the world (Ref. 438). The time in which he lives is not an illusion.

In contrast, contemporary physics regards time as an illusion. Energy has no interest in causing anything in it. Its passive time is supposed to be readable outside of events on an imaginary path in positive as well as negative directions and can also run at different speeds in moving systems. Time travel with its contradictions would be possible in principle in today’s physics.

However, if one allows that useful energy is directed and actively causes changes, one can derive a progressing, flowing time from the basic assumptions of physics. For this, one only needs to consider the fact of experience that our lived time is not time-neutral, not time-reversible (Ref. 451, Book Time arrow as trace of energy. Logical key to a spiritual universe).
This time, I call it effect time, turns out to be the loss of information about the past. It is the time that accompanies the increase of entropy, the path to disorder, and loses information along the way.

It follows the laws of energy and therefore runs at the same speed even in moving systems (time travel is not possible). This effective time is the time we experience. Clock- time with which we register this real time is only a technical aid. It transmits information about the passage of time, but does not erase any information like the real time. The time of the albatross passes because it is part of time, since energy is constantly being converted in it with its food supply.