Understanding time is my key

to the big questions of natural science: energy, hydrogen, gravity, evolution, also bionics, earthquakes, myths.

I am Helmut Tributsch and come from a mountain village in the Friulian Alps in north-eastern Italy near Tarvisio. From a young age I was interested in nature and tried to understand it. Eventually I became a university professor and specialised in energy research.

Thanks to my broader interests, I was able to conduct transdisciplinary research, which helped me to act as a pioneer for relevant natural science issues at an international level.

Understanding energy, time and nature logically

Since I have always found nature itself, as well as traditional survival within it, to be logically comprehensible, it irritated me that natural science increasingly accepted irrational and incomprehensible dogmas as explanations. What was the reason for this departure from logic? The established idea of an energy that has no interest and a time that isn’t interested in any direction crystallised for me as the main impulse. For many years it became my focal point in the search for a logical world view.

Answers on important questions

Now, in retirement, I have returned to my home farm. In nature I have found my answers and I want to share them with others and deepen them further. I like to work the land and feel the wilderness of the mountains. My approach is “earthy” and thus a relevant component in formulating critical questions.

You are invited to join me in some of my thoughts and ideas about energy, nature and human civilisation.


Time Arrow as Trace of Energy

From passive clock-time to flowing time! This book shows how a long overdue correction in the current understanding of time and energy brings about a substantial change in the world view. It is a logical key to a spiritual universe governed by information, time for a paradigm shift!

The lightflooded mountain LUSSARI.
Symbol, natural religion and myth of sacred mountains

Join us on a fascinating search for the millennia-old origins of the tradition of pilgrimage and encounter the spiritual secrets of the Julian Alps.

Starting from the Luschari Mountain in the Canal Valley (northern Italy), through the area of origin of the Indo-Europeans north of the Caucasus and the sacred mountains of the Eurasian region, forgotten natural experiences, myths and legends are decoded.

Return to the Sun. Hydrogen – Energy of our Future

This book was published back in 1979. It gives an idea of what has so far been missed in the development of this universal fuel for a sustainable and affordable energy supply. Hydrogen from the sun’s energy as a product of water splitting is also a key element of photosynthesis. It has given the world a climate worth living in.

Earth, where are you going?

Solar Bionics Strategy: Energy Future Modelled on Nature.
A deeper understanding of nature makes it possible to use the strategic experience of evolution to gradually steer our environmentally harmful energy technologies towards a sustainable future. Civilisation should primarily develop energy technologies that approximate or copy nature.


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