Sustainable energy

This crocodile from the South Alligator River in northern Australia is the size of a human, but uses only a tenth of his energy to live as a predator compared to a “primitive” human. A modern human has 600 to 1000 times the energy expenditure of a crocodile.

Sustainable energy is a key to the development of mankind and its survival in the most natural and sustainable environment possible. In 1979, I wrote a book entitled “Return to the Sun, Hydrogen – the Energy of our Future” (Book Rückkehr zur Sonne: Wasserstoff – die Energie unserer Zukunft), which documents this point of view. When I presented it in a lecture at the Free University of Berlin, Hermann Scheer, a member of parliament, also spoke about his book ” The liberation from the bomb “.

Later, he asked me why there was not more activity in the field of sustainable energy. I replied that there was a lack of politicians to support these initiatives. He asked me for a copy of my book in exchange for his. I became a founding member of Eurosolar, an association that promoted renewable energy legislation in Europe, and served on its board for ten years. I believe that we should be more aggressive in developing sustainable energy. The safest way would be to closely follow nature’s energy strategy, but at the highest possible technological level (Book Erde, wohin gehst Du? Solare Bionik-Strategie: Energie-Zukunft nach dem Vorbild der Natur).