Hydrogen as a global energy strategy

Due to its complexity, we cannot technically replicate photosynthesis. But we can at least imitate its most important strategic step, namely the mobilisation of hydrogen from water, on a technical level. Today, regenerative hydrogen is still about three times as expensive as hydrogen produced from natural gas. To make it abundantly available and cheap, a drastic step is inevitable. The technology must be taken to where sustainable energy occurs in maximal concentration on Earth and is sufficient to supply humanity: to the stormy seas (Ref. 433).

The rationale for this path and a possible technological concept for hydrogen production have been published by me (Ref. 453). In the distant future, the fractal structures of wave energy power plants, whose sensitive technology lies protected in the depths of the water, could be widespread and taken for granted. In retrospect, one will wonder why mankind did not reach for the largest reserves of renewable energy earlier, despite the technology available (visualization: baumgartner design).